Safari Adventure
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Safari Adventure

Hold on to your binoculars!

Can you trumpet like an Elephant, gibber like a Monkey or laugh like a Hyena? Can you stand the heat, creepy crawlies and being chased by some rather large safari animals, that would like to eat you for dinner?  If you can then this is the adventure for you.

Jungle Jane is an Australian bush-woman whose job it is to help animals that are in trouble.  Which is just as well, as word has just reached her that a very rare “WahWah” bird needs her help.

Roderick Bottom, an English hunter, is keen to add the rare bird to his collection of stuffed animals.

Help Jungle Jane as she heads off to Africa to save this special bird before it’s too late!

On the adventure you will:

  • Raft down rapids
  • Track Sidney the Gorilla
  • Help save Zoe the Zebra from being eaten by a Lion
  • Play games with termites!
  • Take on the world’s most terrible hunter

Let us hear you ROAR!

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