Spy Adventure
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Spy Adventure

The name’s Blonde… James Blonde…

You must have heard of the one and only 0077 right?! Time to meet the (wo)man, the myth, the legend in all their dazzling glory. With looks to kill, gizmos-a-plenty and the skills of…well skills that are a bit ropey actually! Blonde can just about handle any baddy thrown their way, but they need a tip top Spy team to help defeat their arch nemesis…

Iva. Greenbogey.

Yes that’s right, this grotty, snotty villain has planned the most destructive mission yet – to blow up Buckingham Palace! We must stop Iva Greenbogey and their evil friends before it’s too late – Her Majesty needs us!

On this adventure you will;

  • Train to be the best spies around at MI5
  • Diffuse bombs and escape the fearsome French Monsieur Bombier
  • Suss out the goodies from the double agents…
  • Keep the Crown Jewels safe and sound


This adventure was designed specifically with our older adventurers in mind. Gather your team and join James and MI5 now!

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