Dinosaur Adventure
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Dinosaur Themed Adventure Party

Hear the roar…..feel the ground shake……be prepared to run for your lives!!
Forget T Rex …..meet Trisha …the queen of the dinosaurs!

A scientist has time travelled from the year 2080 and has landed at your party and needs your help to save the future Earth from global warming. He has discovered that the only thing that can save the planet is a green crystal only found in prehistoric times!
The only problem is, that Trisha is sitting on the green crystals in her nest.

Travel back in time to the land of the dinosaurs and whilst you’re there, try and save the planet from total extinction!!

  • Travel in a time machine to the Prehistoric age.
  • Help teach Ugg the caveman how to fish.
  • Get in shape with Suzie the Stegosaurus’ workout routine
  • Outwit the dodgy market seller  Vic the Velociraptor
  • Hold your nose and take cover as Andy the Ankylosaurus eats too many greens!!
  • And of course…….avoid being eaten by Trisha the queen of the dinosaurs!!

Definitely the best Dinosaur birthday party in Bristol… and Beyond!

The Adventure Team deliver completely immersive storytelling that promises to deliver a truly original birthday party for your child. We are based in Bristol, but travel to Bath, Somerset, the Cotswolds, and surrounding areas. You can find out how much our parties cost here and also read some of our party FAQs here, including info on venue hire and what ages our birthday parties are suitable for. We also really will stay to help you clear up after the party has finished and your guests have been waved off. Just another reason to book one of Bristol’s most loved Children’s entertainers for your kids party. (Please read our Google reviews here, we are very proud of them.)


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