Fairytale Adventure
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Fairytale Adventure Birthday Parties

Once upon a time…there was a prophecy… a prophecy about a Knight that will save the world.

Errrr…unfortunately someone has sent along a bit of a scaredy-cat…

Our ‘Brave’ Knight has never been in a fairytale, or saved anyone or scared away any dragons before.  In fact they are so rubbish at being a Knight, that they’re thinking of retiring to protect the family name.  Can this really be the Knight that the prophecy talks of?

Help our ‘Brave’ Knight enter a fairytale and become the hero they so desperately want to be.

On the adventure you will:

  • Create your very own fairytale story
  • Rescue a Yeti and defeat a giant rat and dragon
  • Learn to horse ride with jumps!
  • Fly on Aladdin’s magic carpet
  • Meet a talking frog and  escape a very hungry crocodile.
  • Defeat an evil wizard


Prices start from £270 ( See Prices)

Absolutely the best Fairytale birthday parties in Bristol… and Beyond!

We are so excited to bring our completely immersive storytelling experience to your child’s birthday party. We promise to deliver a truly original and unique party experience. The Adventure Team are based in Bristol and travel to Bath, Somerset, the Cotswolds, and surrounding areas. You can find out how much our parties cost here and also read some of our party FAQs here, including info on how long to hire your birthday party venue for, and what ages our adventure parties are suitable for. We also promise to stay with you to wave off your guests, AND  we’ll help you clear up after the party. Just another amazing reason to book one of Bristol’s favourite Children’s entertainers for your kids party. (You can read our Google reviews here, which we happen to be very proud of.) : )


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