Fairytale Adventure
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Fairytale Adventure

Once upon a time…there was a prophecy… a prophecy about a Knight that will save the world.

Errrr…unfortunately someone has sent along a bit of a scaredy-cat…

Our ‘Brave’ Knight has never been in a fairytale, or saved anyone or scared away any dragons before.  In fact they are so rubbish at being a Knight, that they’re thinking of retiring to protect the family name.  Can this really be the Knight that the prophecy talks of?

Help our ‘Brave’ Knight enter a fairytale and become the hero they so desperately want to be.

On the adventure you will:

  • Create your very own fairytale story
  • Rescue a Yeti and defeat a giant rat and dragon
  • Learn to horse ride with jumps!
  • Fly on Aladdin’s magic carpet
  • Meet a talking frog and  escape a very hungry crocodile.
  • Defeat an evil wizard



Prices start from £270 ( See Prices)

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