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About The Adventure Team

The Adventure Team are very serious about having FUN!

Our children’s parties are the culmination of our two founders' love of stories, comedy, adventure and games. We love seeing children and their parents use their imagination to have a great time.

Our Adventurers – Olly & Johnny

When Johnny and Olly met, they soon realised that both of them shared the same passion – to inspire kids to explore their imagination! Both of them have a background of working with children (Johnny as Mr Benn’s Amazing Adventures, Olly as author of The Bristol Giants) and know that imaginative play not only helps to build confidence but is also lots of fun!

So they set up The Adventure Team!

Away from the parties, Olly & Johnny try to create adventures with their own children in and around Bristol! Whether it is a fairy hunt in the woods, hunting for dinosaur eggs (using limes) or turning a boiled egg into a space rocket, their philosophy is that fun can be found in everything!

Check out our blog for inspiration on how to get your children using their imagination and creating your own special memories.


Johnny was the lead singer in a rock band.

He gave it all up after the birth of his first child to become a stay-at-home Dad. Using role-play to entertain his kids at home, he quickly realised just how much children love using their imagination.

With his love of music, acting and comedy, Johnny decided to set up a class providing fun-packed, drama, singing and role-play for toddlers and pre-school children. He has entertained well over 3,000 children and is now more famous than he ever was as a rockstar (well, with 4 year olds that is). He loves what he does and gets a massive buzz from seeing the excitement on children’s faces.




When Olly left university he wanted to do something that was fun, fulfilling and entrepreneurial. He failed completely and after qualifying as a chartered accountant, he became a finance director!

In 2014, inspired by the imagination of his own children, he finally bit the bullet and did something that he loved. He wrote a children’s story book. It went on to be a bestseller in Bristol and he now has 3 books published, with more in the pipeline.

Performing his stories to over 5,000 children made him realise the power of imagination and the impact it can have on a child’s development.  After meeting Johnny, he realised that it would be possible to fulfil his ambitions of doing something fun afterall and loves the uniqueness of every child’s imagination and every party.



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Being as busy as we are, it's great to see our own kids at the weekend! Last Saturday the youngest member of The Adventure Team, Gilby, turned 4. So Pirate Pete led the charge in defeating (then saving) Pirate Pink Beard! 💥⚓🛶🎂

The Adventure Team shared Salcombe Town Regatta's event. Pirate Pink Beard will be invading the beautiful seaside town of Salcombe (in Devon) this summer, so do come along for some swashbuckling fun and games on the beach! ooooh-aaarrrr! All...

So July is now fully booked and September is filling up fast! So before the chaos of the summer holidays descend, please let us know about your autumn parties! Thanks