Kids’ Party Game Ideas

1st February 2024

Kids’ Party Game Ideas

Are you looking for fun party game ideas for your kid’s party? And something a little different? Well, get ready to turn up the fun factor with these awesome game ideas that will keep the little ones entertained for hours. Brought to you by the experts of fun: The Adventure Team!

Here at The Adventure Team HQ, we take our party games very seriously and we deliver the best immersive children’s birthday parties in Bristol, Bath, Stroud, and Cheltenham. 

With any Children’s birthday party, the most important thing is to keep their attention and make the games as fun and energetic as possible. You also want games that don’t cost any more money than you’re already spending and can be set up relatively easily. These games are easy, cheap and effective! We guarantee it.

Party Game Ideas for kids

Here are our top 5 Children’s party game ideas to create the best Birthday party ever

Party Game No. 1: TIDY YOUR ROOM

  • Put down a masking-taped line down the middle of the floor or a rope if outside. This is the net!
  • Divide the children into two teams either side of the net. 
  • Collect up a big bag of old clothes and spread them across the room on either side of the net.
  • The aim of the game is for each team to pick up one item of clothing at a time and throw it over to the other team’s line whilst shouting “Tidy your room”. The winner is the team with no clothes left on their side of the line. No one really wins but it’s great fun and it will be the only time any of the children will actually tidy their room. Great with music!!! 

Kids party game ideas

Party Game No. 2: The Skark game

  • The shark party game is very much like musical chairs but with mats. You could also use coloured paper instead as an alternative. You need two adults to play this game.
  • Have the mats dotted around the room and you start by setting the scene by telling them there is a large river/ lake/ sea with a rather hungry shark (or crocodile) lurking in the depths. They have to swim across the river but every time the music changes the shark/crocodile leaps out and starts chasing them, so you have to jump on one of the mats to become safe. 
  • Play some gentle music (Blue Danube) and get them to perform different swimming strokes swimming strokes. 
  • Every 20 seconds or so switch the music to something scary and that’s the cue for another adult to jump out and chase after the children. 
  • After every Shark encounter we remove a mat until there is only one left. All the children end up on one mat!!

So much fun and perfect for any Shark/ Crocodile or underwater-themed party! Can also be adapted for any animal you like.

Shark Party Games Ideas

Party Game No. 3: THE DONKEY GAME

  • This is a great game for warming the kids up if they are slightly shy. It is one of my favourites!
  • We use a donkey’s tail with velcro attached to a grey belt with the other velcro fabric. This means it sticks really well. But you could always stuff a long football sock and just hold it behind you!
  • We purchased some donkey ears to of course make it more authentic.
  • The kids line up and take turns to run after the donkey and try and rip the tail off. 
  • It’s great with loud music playing at the same time. Encourage the children to chant “Donkey” as they wait for their go.

Kids Party Games

Party Game No. 4: TUG OF WAR

  • Cheap to buy and such good fun
  • Get the adults involved as well and have competitions against the children. 
  • Encourage team spirit and sportsmanship by cheering on both teams and emphasising the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

kids party games ideas

Party Game No. 5: BUBBLES

  • You can’t beat bubbles for getting everyone in the mood for a kids birthday party.
  • Bubble games include stopping the bombs (bubbles) hitting the floor. Aim bubbles high, make them crawl to the other side. Low, make them jump over them. Or just get them to chase you!!

Party Game ideas for Kids

So there you have it, 5 easy peasy fun game ideas for your next kids party! These interactive and hilarious kids’ games are guaranteed to bring smiles, laughter, and loads of unforgettable memories. And if you are looking for a party entertainer to help deliver some of these awesome game ideas, then we hear the Adventure Team have rave reviews!! We are an immersive party company with a choice of 8 themed adventure birthday parties to take your children on. We are based in Bristol but travel to any surrounding area such as Bath,  Cheltenham or Stroud. Our party themes include Fairytale, Spy, Pirate or Safari, please get in touch to find out more

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