Children’s Party Venues in Cheltenham

18th January 2024

Children’s Party Venues in Cheltenham

Party Venues Cheltenham

Embarking on the epic quest to plan the ultimate children’s party can be a bit like diving into a treasure hunt (minus the pirate ships and treasure maps) – it’s slightly overwhelming, to say the least!
From unravelling the mystery of the perfect venue to securing the entertainment, not to mention figuring out the ideal booking timeframe, diving into party planning for your little one can feel like being lost in a jungle full of questions.

Not to mention scouring the internet for the perfect yet affordable party venue, which might just turn into a wild, time-consuming safari!!

But fear not, intrepid party planners, for The Adventure Team is here to be your guiding star in the magical realm of children’s party planning in Cheltenham and beyond! We’ve already braved the wilds and are thrilled to unveil a carefully curated list of children’s party venues in the Cheltenham area, sprinkled with our top-secret tips on securing the perfect stage for your little one’s birthday extravaganza.

So, let’s cast away the anchors of stress and turn your party planning escapade into a full-blown joyous adventure!!!

The Adventure Team’s Top Party Venue Tips

Got a kiddo’s party in the pipeline in Cheltenham, Bath, or Gloucestershire? Buckle up, because The Adventure Team is here to turn your planning blues into a party masterpiece!

  • First things first, beat the crowd and lock in that venue at least two months ahead. We’ve seen parents snatch up November/December slots even in the heat of August – talk about party-planning prowess!
  • Eyeing a specific children’s party entertainer? (Psst! The Adventure Team have rave reviews!)? Drop them a call first to secure their enchanting talents. Bagged them? Brilliant! If not, don’t dilly-dally, read on for our list of party venues in Cheltenham.
  • At The Adventure Team, we’re all about keeping it breezy. Snag a 3-hour venue slot (or go big with 4 if you’re feeling extra fancy and want to deck out the space). That gives you a cushy 30 minutes on either end for hassle-free setup and cleanup – party perfection, right?
  • Curious about the party flow? We’ve got the deets: a smooth 2-hour journey, with 1 hour and 15 minutes of mind-blowing entertainment, 30 minutes for munchies and cake, plus an extra 15 minutes of games if time allows.
  • Some venues might ask for liability insurance from entertainers – it’s standard stuff, and your chosen children’s entertainment company should have it covered. Safety first, always!
  • And here’s a money-saving tip – take the party outdoors! Hall hire can range from £15 to £30 an hour, but with a sprinkle of weather optimism, a spacious garden or park can be your budget-friendly party haven. The Adventure Team thrives in the open air – choose a spot, and we’ll bring the party magic!

Ready to transform your child’s celebration into an epic adventure? Let’s do this! Read on for our list of the very best party venues in Cheltenham.

Party Venues in Cheltenham

Holy Apostles Church, London Road, Cheltenham, GL52 6HQW 01242 242570

Guiting Power Village Hall, Church Rd, Cheltenham, GL54 5TX

St Andrews Church Hall, Montpelier St, Cheltenham, GL50 1SP website/booking form

Daffodil, 18-20 Suffolk Parade, Cheltenham, GL50 2AE A &D

Charlton Kings Baptist Church, 38 Church Street, Cheltenham, Gl53 8AR 01242 261507

Woodmancote Village Hall, Bushcombe Close, Cheltenham GL52 9HX 07952 344565

Shurdington Community Centre, Bishop Rd, Shurdington, GL514TB.Cheltenham 07843 303190

St Luke’s Hall, Cheltenham GL53 7HP website/booking form

Chedworth Village Hall, Cheltenham GL54 4NE  website/ booking form

Cheltenham College Sports Centre, GL53 7AH website/booking form

Hope this all helps make booking a party a little more painless. 

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