The Big Interview – Heroes and Villains

6th October 2016

The Big Interview – Heroes and Villains

Ronald the Reporter here! Welcome to the first of my BIG interviews.

This week – Heroes & Villains

This morning I had the pleasure of catching up with Adventure Man and his arch nemesis The Toy Maker to get their thoughts on some of the big topics of the day!

Ronald: So guys, let’s start with an easy one. What is your favourite party food.

Adventure Man: For me, it has to be the classic cheese sandwich. You can’t beat it for restoring or boosting superpowers.

Toymaker: Green kryptonite jelly is my favourite. I suck it through my teeth.

Ronald: OK… How would you describe each other?

Adventure Man: The Toymaker has a nose for trouble. Well, he just has a big nose really.


Toymaker: Sticks and stones, Adventure Man, sticks and stones. Ha, well you have a terrible American accent.

Ronald: Easy guys! So what are you hoping to achieve this year?

Adventure Man: World Peace.


Toymaker: To take over the city of Bottom and then probably the rest of the world…and then the galaxy and maybe the universe after that.

Ronald: Nice. So where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Adventure Man: Hollywood.

Toymaker: Probably at the North Pole turning Father Christmas into a toy figure and stealing all his presents.

Ronald: Finally, if you could be someone for a day who would you be an why?

Adventure Man: Anyone having a birthday. I just can’t get enough of those cheese sandwiches.

Toymaker: A wasp. I love annoying people.

Ronald: Thanks guys. Great to meet you both and I wish you all the best in your battle for the city of Bottom!

Stay tuned for next week. I am going intergalactic and catching up with Derek the Conehead and Buzz the Spaceman. Watch the stars fly!

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