The Big Green Adventure Team Machine

30th May 2018

The Big Green Adventure Team Machine

At the Adventure Team we love to take our adventures here there and everywhere. Whether we’re partying outdoors in a park, running wild with our adventurers at a festival or simply out and about with our own families, we love to explore the great outdoors. And we want to help keep the outdoors well, great! Therefore, we’re passionate about trying to make our parties and events as eco-friendly as possible, with minimal waste.

We know first hand how hard it can be to deal with the mountain of leftover food, plates, table cloths and decorations, and often it seems easier to just bin it all. To help solve this problem, we are incorporating the Big Green Adventure Team Machine recycling plan into our parties! We will help you sort the remains of your once Pinterest-inspired beautifully decorated tables (now a vision of squashed sarnies and escaping grapes) into separate recycling bags, instead of bin bags of mixed waste. We can help you separate paper/cardboard, plastic, food waste, and general waste once children have left. We’ll also help separate any unopened food (why do they never eat the raisins?) so you can take that home with you to feed a small army for days to come.

It’s that simple! With two sets of helpful hands we’ve found it takes no longer to separate and recycle than it would to bin it all. Join us on our mission to reduce party waste and set a wonderful example to your child (who will be super keen to recycle all that wrapping paper by this point I’m sure!)

Address: flat 3, 60 Archfield Rd, Redland, Bristol, BS6 6BQ

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