Easy Kids Birthday Party Food Ideas

20th February 2024

Easy Kids Birthday Party Food Ideas

Get ready to ignite the taste buds and wow the little party animals at your next kids’ birthday bash with our ultimate guide to mouthwatering party food ideas! The Adventure Team birthday party company has been creating the best immersive themed birthday parties in the Bristol, Bath, Stroud, and Cheltenham area for the last 10 years!

We have entertained thousands of children and devoured hundreds of birthday cakes so we like to think we have a bit of experience on the subject of awesome kids’ party food!

So without further ado, here’s our handy guide to creating easy, hassle-free food options for your child’s birthday whilst making it healthy and cost-effective. And if you have a bit more time on your hands we have some creative ideas to add to the mix.

Children don’t eat that much at birthday parties!

  • After running around for an hour with the Adventure Team you’d think the children would be so hungry. But we find that they are far too excited to sit down for more than ten minutes at a birthday party. 
  • Do not make too much food. We see so much food waste at parties with parents producing too much. Keep the portions small. An example, if you have 30 children, make 40 triangles of sandwiches (20 of cheese, 20 ham)

Serve Colourful (and Nutritious!) Snacks at Kids Parties

  • We love healthy food at The Adventure Team so try and introduce some fruit and veg that is finger food and easy to graze on. (The other parents will love you for it too!)
  • Go easy on the veg platters. Carrots are always eaten but we see so many cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, and red peppers going to waste!  
  • Blueberries, melon, and strawberries look great and will be grazed upon! Fruit kebabs make easy fun, party food. Search for “fruit kebabs” on Pinterest for a world of fruity kebab inspo! 



Try These Easy Kids Party Snack Ideas

  • Chipolata Sausages (bought cooked)
  • Sausage rolls (don’t forget the ketchup)
  • Selection of crisps (baked are better)
  • Mini quiches or Quiches cut into slices.
  • Cheese straws


  • Sometimes at birthday party venues, you will have the option of an oven. Unless you’re heating pre-made food up I wouldn’t bother. You’ll spend the party looking in the oven and not enjoying the great entertainment on offer!
  • Plenty of parents order in pizza for the party. This is a great way to feed the kids without creating loads of work. Remember to bring some healthy fruit and veg to compliment this.


  • Mini flapjacks
  • Mini muffins
  • Mini brownies
  • Chocolate fingers
  • Jelly (if you’ve got time)

Creating a memorable birthday party experience involves more than just games and decorations – it’s about creating easy food, that is cost-effective and adds to the fun atmosphere. By all means, if you have time incorporate a mix of creative, nutritious, and theme-appropriate hot and cold options, but the children will be happy with a light snack and ready to carry on partying with the Adventure Team.

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