Top 5 Wet Weather Adventures

28th February 2016

Top 5 Wet Weather Adventures

We have come up with a couple of our favourite activities to take on when the weather is miserable outside. Let us know if you have any other great ideas!

  1. Have a treasure hunt.

This can be as simple as playing hotter/colder or as elaborate as you could possibly want to make it!

Draw a map of the house or just write some clues. Either way, everyone loves to explore and if the treasure happens to be a treat (or a gin and tonic for the parents) then all the better!

  1. Feast in your own magical castle

It doesn’t matter if it is inside or outside, we love building dens. With duvets, blankets and cushions off the sofa you can normally construct something pretty amazing.   A sprinkle of imagination and you have made your very own castle!

Then it is time to snuggle in and take on an epic home made feast!

Once the castle walls have crumbled, you have created an awesome obstacle course!

This is an adventure that just keeps on giving!

  1. Swimming in the bath

Everyone enjoys bath time, so why not chuck the kids in during the middle of the day! With a few different toys, swimming costumes and goggles on, it turns something ordinary into a special adventure.

  1. HOOK

At the Adventure team we love using our imagination and getting outside, but once in a blue moon, we love snuggling into the sofa and watching someone else take on an epic adventure. So if all else fails why not stick on a brilliant adventure movie for all the family! Our personal favourite is Hook with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Smith and Julia Roberts! (See our top 5 Family Adventure Movies).

Wendy: “So… your adventures are over.”

Peter: “Oh, no. To live… to live would be an awfully big adventure.”

Stop it!

  1. Just get outside and get wet

If it is under 5 degrees then we agree that this is probably not a great option!

But, when the weather warms up a little bit, there is something awesome and slightly bonkers about getting really wet and muddy and not caring at all!

Ps.  If none of these float your boat, making a book from a couple of folded sheets of paper is another winner and allows kids to create their own adventure.  How about acting it out afterwards?!

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