Our Philosophy

15th March 2016

Our Philosophy

The Adventure team’s passion is is finding fun and excitement in everything we do.

We believe that the best days, are the ones you spend with family and we don’t think you need to spend a fortune to have fun.  Being creative and using your imagination opens up endless possibilities!

Children can find adventure in everything – sometimes they just need a little encouragement.

Here are some fun ideas for making the ordinary, into the extraordinary!  the best part…most of them are free.

One point worth noting, we accept no responsibility for any injuries caused from these activities!

  • Track some dog prints and pretend it is a Lion
  • Take a torch out to the local park and look for badgers
  • Find a tree that has blown over and pretend it is a magical bridge
  • Go to a woodland with a path and try and get somewhere without using it
  • Cut up toast to make it look like a superhero
  • Have breakfast on the floor under the table
  • Build a den in the living room
  • Climb a tree and eat candyfloss (pretend clouds!)
  • Light a fire and cook popcorn
  • Get a rope, find a hill and pretend to climb mount Everest
  • Have a treasure hunt around the house
  • Have a treasure hunt in the woods
  • Turn bathtime into a day time activity with armbands and goggles
  • Flip a coin, heads you go left, tails you go right
  • Camp in the garden
  • Barbecue in the winter
  • Search for fairies in the woods
  • Go bird spotting
  • Write a book and act it out
  • Go surfing or body boarding for the day
  • Go searching for creepy crawlies in the garden and make a bug house for them
  • Make a mud pie
  • Build a sandcastle and stop the advancing tide
  • Get the wet weather gear on and find some big puddles to play in with some toys
  • Collect leaves and match them up to different trees
  • Draw on the pavements with some chalk
  • Find your nearest dunes and go dune rolling
  • Find a stream and get your toes wet
  • Hire a dog for the day www.borrowmydog.com
  • Grab an umbrella and skate board on a windy day and see what speed you can clock!
  • Go leaf catching in the Autumn and don’t forget to make a wish!

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