Open letter to Johnny

10th February 2017

Open letter to Johnny

Dear Johnny,

This is an open letter about our business – The Adventure Team.

It is not about you. Sorry.

I am so proud of The Adventure Team.

I am so proud of you and me for making The Adventure Team what it is today and what it may become over the next few years.

We set out to create the best children’s entertainment business in the UK and I think we are a long way down the road to achieving that.

I love doing children’s parties. When I see children’s faces light up – it is the best feeling ever and the reason why we started this journey in the first place.

I love it when parents come up to us at the end of a party and say. “This is my youngest of three children. I have been to hundreds of parties and this is the best by miles!”

I love it when we get reviews (27 and counting, all with 5 stars).

I love it when we overhear our children playing together in the room next door and pretending to be the characters in the adventures we have created.

I love it when Tubular Bells comes on. Every time.

Most of all though, I love working with you. It is just so much fun.

You and your amazing family are leaving the UK on Monday to move to Los Angeles. It is going to be awesome, but I am going to miss you very much. In fact, not just me, the whole Rigby family is going to miss you and your amazing wife, Lou, and your beautiful children, Leo and Melody. I never imagined that starting a business could bring two families so close together.

The good news is that whilst you may be moving stateside, The Adventure Team not only lives on, but is going from strength to strength.   We now have an amazing team in Bristol that are better than us at delivering parties. We are launching The Adventure Team in London in the Spring and our move to conquer the US starts in earnest on Monday next week (OK Tuesday, you can have the evening off when you arrive).

It has been an awesome and unforgettable 18 months with so many highlights and I cannot wait for what might lie around the corner.

Enjoy your Adventures in the US, Sticky Man, and don’t forget to keep your room tidy.


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