Top 5 Free Adventures in Bristol

2nd March 2016

Top 5 Free Adventures in Bristol

The Adventure Team are all about outdoor experience and using your imagination. Here are our top five free family adventure destinations in Bristol that provide just that. Have we missed any?

  1. Blaise Estate

Blaise is awesome. It has a castle! What more could you want? There is more though! Adventure to find the Giants’ footprint & armchair and see if you can spot one of the Giants – Goram or his brother Ghyston – hiding in the woods!

  1. Snuff Mills

Waterfalls! We love waterfalls (note, not for adventuring into, but for looking at!). Great for exploring on your trusty horse (read bike or scooter) and you can also make your way to a park where you will find an awesome pirate ship to climb the rigging and set sail.

  1. Leigh Woods

The main reason we like Leigh Woods is because it has amazing dens! There is also an old Iron Age Fort to climb up as well as the best swing we have found in Bristol so far!

  1. Tyntesfield

Whilst Tyntesfield is a National Trust property, there is an awesome walking trail through the woods that does not require membership. Here you will find dens to play in, a huge bird sculpture and climbing area, a gargoyle covered castle and some human sized bumblebees! On top of this, there is a lovely café in the old stables. Awesome day out that sparks the imagination of young and old adventurers alike!

  1. Badock Woods

Badock woods has everything a city adventurer could want. Streams to cross, trees to climb, mountains to conquer (hills can grow into anything with a little bit of imagination), as well as tree carved wizards and spiders to discover. A truly magical place where fairies are (rumoured) to live in tree-tunks!

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