NEW! Outdoor Adventures
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We're SO excited to offer Outdoor Adventures! We've added bucket fulls of creativity to our approach to ensure your children can have magical experiences whilst keeping super safe.

On our interactive-theatre style adventures, your little ones will be guided by one of our experienced drama facilitators, on a journey through their imaginations. They’ll become pirates, space rangers, knights, spies, underwater creatures or superheroes!

We use music and sound, characterisation, props and costume, imaginative play and energetic games to bring your party to life.


At the Adventure Team, we want to be SAFETY SUPERHEROES. So here are the measures we are taking:


 We adventure in groups of 6. 1 DBS-Checked Adventure Team facilitator and either, 5 children, or 4 children and 1 parent. All other parents keep 5 metres away. We pop a rope line down so everyone knows where they can go.


We’re doing our adventures in parks, community outdoor spaces or gardens!


No objects or costumes are shared. Each team member has their own kit. Children bring along 2-4 objects  from home so they so they can join in with a more sensory experience. 


Everyone hand santises before and after the adventure. (We’ll bring the sanitiser!)


We keep open communication with our staff and our customers, to ensure that everyone attending is fully well.


Every single one of our adventures includes new or adapted games that comply with gov guidelines, such as keeping spaced out by 1m+.

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