NEW! Online Adventures
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RE-CONNECT with your friends on a magical VIRTUAL ADVENTURE!

Our virtual adventures are a way of re-connecting children with their friends during lockdown, giving them the opportunity to do something a little different together. On a group video call, two of our fantastic facilitators will take you on an imaginative journey through a story line, getting you involved in games and challenges with the hilarious and lovable characters from our adventures (fingers crossed we’ll defeat the baddie!)

We’ll send you a list of household objects to collect before the adventure starts, that you’ll use as props and costumes during the adventure!

Perfect for ANY OCCASION… birthday celebrations, weekend activities, play dates, or re-connecting with mates from school or from all over the world!

ONLY £65 PER ADVENTURE, with up to 15 connections at once (if you split the cost between 15 that’s less than a £5 each!)

GET A GROUP TOGETHER and get in touch TODAY!

  • Two experienced facilitators
  • Interactive Storytelling with hilarious characters
  • Music and Sound effects
  • Energetic and imaginative games and activities suitable to play from any room in your house
  • Between 1 – 25 CONNECTIONS at once
  • Connect with friends all over the world.
  • Choose from our SEVEN story themes
  • Suitable for ages 5 – 10 years!
  • Happy to arrange at short notice!

GET IN TOUCH TODAY: Call or text Ellie on 07517476998 or pop us an email on