Covid-19 Info
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How we're keeping safe

We're so delighted to be back up and running again with our usual party packages and adventures!

We endeavour to keep everyone as safe as possible. So, we've added bucket fulls of creativity to our approach to ensure your children can have magical experiences whilst keeping safe. Find out more about the measures we are taking below.

On our interactive-theatre style adventures, your little ones will be guided by our experienced drama facilitators, on a journey through their imaginations. They’ll become pirates, space rangers, knights, spies, underwater creatures or superheroes!

We use music and sound, characterisation, props and costume, imaginative play and energetic games to bring your party to life.

If face-to-face parties aren’t for you just yet, CLICK HERE to explore our Online Adventures.


At the Adventure Team, we want to be SAFETY SUPERHEROES. So here are the measures we are taking:


We take everyone’s temperature on arrival with our non-contact digital thermometer, to ensure everyone is super well. If your child is safely under 37.5 C then we’re happy to take then on the adventure.


All our staff will were face shields with groups of more than 5 children. They are see-through so you’ll still be able to see their hilarious facial expressions!!


It’s up to you where you’d like to host your party. We simply turn up and roll with it! However, we are strongly advising that you consider an outdoor space. We’ve done adventures in parks, community outdoor spaces, gardens and forests, and they are SUPER magical outdoors. If it’s raining, we advise bringing along a gazebo and our team can help you pop it up. Otherwise, if you’re looking for an indoor venue, we ask that it’s a large space to accommodate for 2m distance between each child you invite, and it’s well ventilated with options to open windows and doors. 


No objects or costumes are shared between children. We have cut down massively on the objects we use to minimise touching, and anything that a child is asked to pick up will be theirs for the adventure. The object is sanitized before and afterwards, and our team pop on safety gloves if they handle it. We may ask that a child brings in 1-2 objects with them from home, such as a blanket, to help them engage in the adventure without having to use anything that’s not theirs. Kit is only used once before it is washed, sanitized and aired. We also have a new kit system at our office to ensure everything is safe for our team to use. 


Everyone hand sanitises before and after the adventure. Our team bring a little pocket sanitiser they can use throughout as well as a large pump for everyone to share. 


We keep open communication with our staff and our customers, to ensure that everyone attending is fully well.


Every single one of our adventures includes new or adapted games that encourage social-distancing and minimize risk, such as keeping spaced out by 1m+.


Our team deliver parties either on their own or in pairs. We carefully orchestrate our pairs so that no one team member works with more than one other person in a month. They travel separately and maintain social-distancing throughout the party.


We allow no more than 20 children at the party and in the Adventure. We strongly advise that you keep the numbers as low as possible so that social-distancing can be adhered to at all times. We would also like to re-iterate that it is against the law to have a gathering of over 30 people (this includes children, parents and staff), so please consider staggered pick up and drop-offs depending on how many children you invite. For further advise, please visit the Gov website. 


We have a range of party packages for you to choose from, so you can decide what you feel most comfortable with. We are now offering packages with just ONE drama facilitator, if you’d prefer a smaller crowd with just one person coming out to you. Please give us a call on 07517476998 to find out more information, email us on, or fill in our online enquiry form. CLICK HERE! 

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If you’d like to see a copy of our Risk Assessment, we’re more than happy to show you. Just email Ellie on